Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mind Boggle

I know this is my third post for the day.
But hey it's the first day of my new experiment of blogging so it will be okay.

This week has been a tough one. I know it's just the devil fighting me though.
The revival this week has been AMAZING and God has been moving in some pretty powerful ways, so it only makes sense the devil chooses this week.
But hey, victory is my heritage! So I'm gonna stand still and know that HE is God. Everything will work out for His glory according to His perfect will.

It's hard to realize that what we want in life might not be what God wants for us.
As humans we get so attached to other people. We rely solely on them and what they want from us. And in this process we forget about what GOD wants form us. Sometimes we even forget God.....
Gives you something to think about, huh?

Sometimes all I want is someone to love me. To know that there is one person who is with me. I mean, I know God is and I know this might sound bad, but I just want someone I can physically see.
That's when I must remind myself of El Shaddia (My God is more than enough)
But it would be nice to have someone there to encourage me and to share my joy with. Someone I know I could trust and count on... No matter what. He created us to have human companionship. That's why I don't understand why I can't have it right now.

Must learn patience.

Maybe this is why I've been going through the things I've been going through. When you ask God for something, He will give it to you.. maybe not in the way you expected, but it will come. So, maybe when I asked for patience He gave me this because He knew I would have no choice but to be patient with it.

It's tough. I'm not gonna lie.

Something else I've really been having a hard time with lately is worshiping Him the way He wants me to and not caring what other people think. I always get nervous to raise my hand or just praise Him because I wonder what the person next to me or the person across the room might think. God has really been dealing with me about this. Especially this week since we're in revival. He tests me every night. I hate to say this, but I think I've failed each test so far. I want so badly to be obedient to Him, but it seems like every time He asks something of me I get scared and I forget everything He did for me.
But I've made up my mind. Tomorrow night WILL be different! I'm through trying to please other people. I'm tired of slacking because I'm scared of what some deadhead might think. I'm going to push past this barrier and PRAISE MY GOD!

Well, I think that's everything that's on my mind at the moment...
I'm sure more will come tomorrow.
Once I rest.

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you not harm you plans to give you hope and a future.

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