Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shake the snake in the fire!

Today has been a WONDERFUL day... spiritually.
But other wise not so good- my granddad got put back in the hospital. He has a huge blood clot in his leg.. Please keep him in your prayers!

But other than that today was awesome. I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere in my walk with God. I'm really excited :)

Acts 28:5 says "And he shook off the beast into the fire, and felt no harm."
This scripture is talking about how the venomous viper bit Paul in the hand and he just shook it off in the fire and felt no harm.
This really spoke to me. If you think about it, the viper, or serpent, could represent satan and how he reaches up and bites us with temptations and trials and he just fights us constantly with different things. Well if we would just get set on fire for God we would be able to shake satan off into the fire of God that burns in us and we would feel no harm! Satan expects to kill us with every attack, just like that venomous snake was expected to kill Paul, but Paul just shook him into the fire and kept going. He didn't dwell on the attack and he didn't let it over take him, he just shook the snake into the fire! If only we could learn to shake the devil into the fire, how much more joy we would have!

I think Acts is my new favorite book. I had never read all of it before, but the past couple days that's all I've been reading and I finished it today. It was pretty amazing.

I'm so ready for God to start using me! I want to do a work for Him, I want to get started with what He has called me to do... It's a very scary thing, but I'm so ready for Him to start using me!!

I'm so glad God kindled the fire in me again :)