Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Step of Faith

I haven't blogged in two days. 
It feels weird. 

a lot has happened to me since then, spiritually.

God just keeps drawing me closer and closer to Him. It's an amazing feeling!! 

You know, it amazes me how much we ask of God then we doubt that He will provide for us. 
Matthew 6:26 says, "Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?"

God provides for the birds and the fish and all the animals and plants in the world, so why do we doubt He would provide for us? I know having faith is a hard thing to accomplish. Oh boy do I know that! But God will provide that too, if we just ask.
The Bible says ask and ye shall receive. 
We are God's children!! He will take care of us and He will provide everything that we need!

You may wonder why God is putting you through the trials you're going through... I bet it's so you can learn to lean on Him more. Have you been getting comfortable? Did you start to forget the God was the reason you had everything you had? A lot of times we forget God is blessing us, so He takes it away so we remember that we have to lean on HIM. God isn't going to continue to bless someone who doesn't acknowledge Him and thank Him for all the wonderful blessings He has placed in their life. Everything God puts us through will draw us closer to Him. We just have to keep our head up and stay strong.
God already won the victory for us!! Victory is a guarantee when you're a child of God! 

Look at Job. EVERYTHING was taken from him. But he still praised God. He never doubted that God was going to take care of him. And in the end he got double everything he had before!! 
I want faith like Job. 

The woman with the issue of blood. She had some pretty strong faith too. She was so weak in her body, she literally had to crawl to Jesus. She had to push through so many people who didn't want her to make it there. They didn't think she should be "bothering" Jesus. They thought He was "too busy" for someone like that. But she pushed. and pushed. and PUSHED her way through. As weak in her body as she was, she made it! She didn't let her faith die. Her faith was so strong, all she did was touch the HEM of His garment. In a mob of people, Jesus felt HER touch the HEM if His garment. There was a ton of people all around Him and bumping into Him, yet He still felt her above everyone else. It was her faith that kept her going. Her faith that made Him feel her. 
She was healed immediately. 

You know, there's a lot of people who don't want to see you make it where God is taking you. You will face people and situations everyday of your life that the devil will use to try and stop you from making it to the hem of His garment. But it's FAITH that is going to get you there. You have to keep pushing through the mob. Through the struggles and hard times. Through everyone telling you that you're not good enough and you're not gonna make it. GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE! There's nothing you can't do with Him! You must keep the faith. Keep pushing. All you have to do is touch the hem of His garment. When you get there, God will bless you. He will reward those who seek Him and are continually striving to be in His perfect will. 

There will always be someone somewhere who is against you. It's the devil's job to make sure that happens. The sooner you overcome the people who are trying to stop you from accomplishing God's plan for your life, the better off you will be. It reminds me of Bro. Greg Robert's message "Step Over It".. We must step over all the hurt and pain and scars from our past. We must step over the people who speak against us. And we must step in to His perfect will for our life! God will bless us more than we could ever imagine if we just take that step of faith and push through the crowd to touch the hem of His garment!!


Megan said...

I am crawling to his hem today!

Mindy said...

You keep up the good fight, and keep these encouraging post coming! I'm so proud of you!